ciNE65 aims to capture our Singaporean identity through the lenses of local budding film-makers.

Launched by Nexus in July 2011, the objective of ciNE65 is to strengthen Singaporeans’ sense of belonging to our country through short films. It encourages aspiring young film-makers to share what Singapore means to them via a short film. ciNE65 2019, will consist of four commissioned films, a short film competition “ciNE65 Movie Makers Awards” (ciNE65 MMA), film-making seminars and workshops and a film festival. Through ciNE65, Nexus hopes to harness the potential of short films to touch the hearts and minds of Singaporeans.

The word “cine” means film while the number “65” connotes all things Singaporean – from our year of independence in 1965 to our international dialing code (+65). The logo is represented by three colours – red, black and white. Red symbolises passion and dynamism. The letters “N” and “E” (the abbreviation for National Education), in red, signify the hope that through the films in this competition, Singaporeans will come to appreciate and make a deeper connection with their home, Singapore. The black and white colour combination of the film strip reflects the timeless nature of film as a powerful medium that touches hearts and minds. It also represents our vision of establishing ciNE65 as an enduring and premium film competition that makes a positive difference to Singapore.