Theme for ciNE65 IV:

Home • Truly

In the fourth season of ciNE65, we invite film-makers to share their take on the theme “Home • Truly” through a 3-minute film.

Singapore grew out of the hard work of many people who came and stayed because they believed in this place and made it their home. Looking ahead, what are your hopes and dreams for Singapore? What would you do to make Singapore a home for you and your children? What would you want future generations to have and to cherish, so that they too would want to make Singapore their home, truly?

A jury panel comprising film industry professionals and partners of ciNE65 will judge each film based on the following criteria:

The film should reflect the theme “Home • Truly”.

The film should be effective in engaging and encouraging viewers to reflect on the messages behind the story.

The technical execution of the film should be effective. This includes quality visuals, sound design and audio integration, and other relevant aspects that contribute to a positive viewing experience.

The film should be presented in a unique manner through the use of creative story telling and film making techniques, imaginative writing and directing, and an original plot.

The film should create an emotional response from the audience and leave a lasting impression.

The jury comprises:

COL Joseph Tan

Director Nexus

Edmund Chen

Director of Asiatainment and Artiste

Jeremy Sing

Founder and editor of SINdie (

N. Mohamed Yahssir

Film Director and Founder of Millenia Motion Pictures

Wee Li Lin

Film Director and Co-founder of Bobbing Buoys

Lim Ting Li

Sound Designer & Re-recording mixer of Mocha Chai Laboratories

Jason Lai

Co-founder & Director of Content at Oak3

Sanif Olek

Creative Director and Owner of ReelJuice

Chen-Hsi Wong

Film Director and Assoc Prof, NTU ADM

Jack Neo

Film Director and Founder of J Team Productions

Kit Chan

Artiste / Creative Consultant

There are three award categories: Jury’s Choice Awards, Audience Choice Awards and the Inter-school Challenge. Jury’s Choice Awards comprise eight awards each for the Student and Open Category, and the Audience Choice Awards comprise three awards.

Only entries shortlisted by the Selection Panel will qualify for the award/s. The Inter-school Challenge comprise of one challenge trophy.

An entry may be nominated for more than one award. A winning entry for any award will still be eligible for other prizes that it is nominated for.


The winners for these awards will be 100% determined by a panel set up by the Organiser. To be eligible for the Jury’s Choice Awards, the submission must meet the criteria set out by the Organiser; this being originality, relevance to theme, ability to convey your idea/message and emotive impact of the video, and execution and treatment of the video. For the avoidance of doubt, the Organiser reserves the sole right to determine if the submission meets the criteria, and will do so, with the collaborative input of the judging panel in accordance with these Terms and Conditions, and where appropriate, through any other means it chooses at its sole discretion. The awards are:

"Jury’s Choice" Awards


Student Category & Open Category

Cash Prize $3,000
Learning Trip to an International Film Festival
Panasonic 4K Professional Camcorder (AG-DVX200) each worth SGD 5,880

"Overall Best Film" Award

Cash Prize $1,000
Panasonic Full HD Camcorder (AG-AC30) worth SGD 2,050

Best Cinematography

Cash Prize $1,000
Panasonic Product Voucher SGD288 per award/category

Best Direction

Best Editing

Best Screenplay

Best Sound Design

Best Art Direction

Best Documentary


The winners of these awards will be determined by the total number of votes the submission received from the members of the voting public over the voting period. The selection panel will shortlist the films before releasing them for public voting. Supporters can vote via the ciNE65 facebook app or SMS. Members of the public are limited to one vote per available platform, i.e., facebook account and mobile phone number per video for each award. The Organiser reserves the right to remove votes cast in significant blocks, either by technical enhancements, or otherwise, that unfairly influence the outcome of the voting.

"Audience Choice" Awards


Both Categories

Cash Prize $1,500

Favourite Film Award

Cash Prize $500

Favourite Actor Award

Cash Prize $500

Favourite Actress Award

Inter-school Challenge

The Inter-school Challenge trophy will be given to the school with the highest number of quality entries submitted in the Student Category by teams comprising all members from the same school. The number of submitted, nominated and winning entries will be taken into consideration during the tabulation of scores for this Challenge. The Organiser reserves the sole right to determine if the entries submitted meet the aforementioned criteria.

Inter-School Challenge Trophy

The Inter-School Challenge Trophy will be given to the school with the highest number of quality entries submitted in the Student Category by teams comprising all members from the same school.


Student Category

Inter-School Challenge Trophy

Inter-School Challenge Award


  • The prizes are non-transferrable and non-exchangeable. No cash equivalent or alternative prizes will be given. However, the Organiser reserves the right to substitute, add or alter any item on the list of prizes offered for one of equal value due to circumstances beyond its control without any prior notice. The list of prizes, as updated by the Organiser, will be published on the Competition website.
  • All winners will be notified via email or contact number provided in the registration form. Winners will be solely responsible for collecting their prizes at the Awards Ceremony, details of which will be advised later. All prizes not collected by the stipulated deadline may be forfeited by the Organiser, without further recourse by the winner of that prize. At the discretion of the Organiser, all unclaimed prizes will be redistributed to charity organisations or returned to the respective sponsors.
  • Without prejudice to any other provision of the Terms and Conditions, the decision of the Organiser on the prize to be awarded to any winner is final, and no correspondence pertaining to the decision will be entertained.

To vote via SMS, please enter the code: Cine65 <space> Media Code <space> Choice <space> NRIC <space> Name, and SMS to 76677. You are allowed to vote once per category.

S/N Favourite Film
A01 #12-99
A02 Ah Gong’s Toilet Paper
A03 Ang Ku Kueh
A04 冰棒 (Bing Bang / Popsicle)
A05 Foster
A06 恭 (gōng)
A07 Nasi Opera
A08 The Red Packet
A09 Tricking Singapore
A10 With My Life (Jaze Phua)

S/N Favourite Actor
M01 Ambrose Ting (Ang Ku Kueh)
M02 Aric Hidir Amin (The Red Packet)
M03 Athens Tan (冰棒)
M04 Douglas Lam (With My Life – Jaze Phua)
M05 Gim Goh (Gong)

M06 Glendon Ho (Gong)

M07 Michael Chua (忠诚: A Father's Devotion)
M08 Mok Tye Par (Ah Gong's toilet paper)
M09 William Kho (Ang Teng Kee)

S/N Favourite Actress
F01 Alverina Lee (For You 为守护。坚持)
F02 Chue En Jye (Ang Ku Kueh)
F03 Grace Teo (With My Life – Jaze Phua)
F04 Kelly Lim Lih Tyng (Ang Teng Kee)
F05 Koh Carin (忠诚: A Father's Devotion)
F06 Liew Poh Yin (#12-99)
F07 Nasya Yazid (Common Ground)
F08 Vandana Tikku (冰棒)
F09 Yong Jing Yuan (Cherish)

Media Code
SM – Facebook/Instagram
SR – Safra Radio
PNR – Pioneer Magazine