Tricking Singapore [NTU WKWSCI]

Submitted by Ang Le Shan

In this 3-minute documentary, we explore the Tricking scene in Singapore. A small but vibrant community filled with young, passionate individuals, they show us what home truly means to them.

恭 (gōng) [NP]

Submitted by Toh Xin Li

After being kicked out of the house, Keong returns home after a 15-year absence to have reunion dinner with his brother and father. However, he soon finds out how serious his father's dementia is and learns to come to terms with it.

Foster [NP]

Submitted by Tam Chin Wang

A boy struggles to face taunting memories of his home and fights to find peace in living with a foster caretaker.

冰棒 [NP]

Submitted by Yeo Yan Qi Vidonia

Jia Hao is close to an elderly neighbour as she always lends him a listening ear when his parents are busy. He finds out that he's moving to another neighbourhood and he decides to do something for her to show his appreciation before leaving.

#12-99 [NTU ADM]

Submitted by Jeth Heng Guan Seng

A young Chinese immigrant arrives at his company's apartment only to find a woman already residing there. Scammed and stranded abroad without shelter or resources, the woman opens up her heart and home to the helpless man.

With My Life

Submitted by Jaze Phua Jia Wei

A retired soldier and his daughter, a trained soldier of the army are caught in midst of a war zone in Year 2045. In the wake of an artillery strike, he shares with her stories of his life before war.

The Red Packet

Submitted by Muhammad Sufyan Bin Sam'an

2014 was the year my Maternal Grandma finally met her birth mom. We knew since young that she's Chinese but raised by a Malay family. We never expected to ever meet or be greeted with open arms by new found Chinese family members. I'm sure my Grandma didn't at her age of 70. Since celebrating Chinese New Year was something new to us, my little cousins were confused about the festivities and cultures. So when they take their hong baos, they say the usual Hari Raya greetings instead. This film celebrates the unique and beautiful diversity of our nation as Chinese New Year isn't only celebrated by the Chinese majority. Drawing from my personal experience, I wish to tell a story about family, love and innocence. May this Lunar New Year bring all of you an abundance of Love and joy. Hope you guys enjoy this film as much as it was a great experience for me

Nasi Opera

Submitted by Wong Yew Heng

A spicy meal. The sounds of opera. An open door. Cik Halimah's invitation to everyone for a simple meal shows us what home truly means. That home isn't just a place. It's the spirit we share together. Celebrating our diversity and appreciation of each other's culture and of course...great food.

Ang Ku Kueh

Submitted by Chong Yu Lun

A fresh recruit visits the optometrist to purchase glasses and improve his vision. Due to his eye deficiency, he lost hope and sees a dull future in his 2 years of army. He is in turn inspired by a little boy who looks up to him as a soldier and a hero.

Ah Gong's Toilet Paper

Submitted by Tan Kylie

It is bad when there is no more toilet paper after taking a dump. But it was worse for Ah Gong when he discovered that his favourite toilet paper could no longer be found. Thus began an island-wide search for the Sampan Brand Toilet Paper, from neighbourhood provision shops to the Sungei Road Thieves Market. Will he be able to find it? "Ah Gong's Toilet Paper" tells the story of how things around us may change, but what makes "Home", truly will not.