Audience Choice Awards

Best Films :

Echoes of 1965

Description - In 1965, Singapore separated from Malaysia. Not knowing what the future holds, the people had to figure out how to work past their hardships. They reminisced about a Singapore we have never experienced, a Singapore that is so different from now. Director - Bonotan Faith Ann Biton Nominations: Favourite Film.

Favourite Actor :

Qushyrie Mahmud - Jay from Battle Field

Description - This film is about a characters love of sport which brings forth his strength for Singapore, highlighting the similar values between Rugby and The Singapore Armed Forces (SAF). Director - Isaac Magnus Nominations: Favourite Film and Favourite Actor.

Favourite Actress :

Marleen Toh – Young Mei from Rojak

Description - Set in the wake of the government's implementation of the Ethnic Integration Policy in HDB estates, "Rojak" is the story of two children from different cultural backgrounds who share a love for a certain eclectic hawker dish. Director - Rebecca J. Chu Nominations: Favourite Film, Favourite Actor, and Favourite Actress.