Combined - Best Documentary Award

Best Documentary Award :

Echoes of 1965

Description - In 1965, Singapore separated from Malaysia. Not knowing what the future holds, the people had to figure out how to work past their hardships. They reminisced about a Singapore we have never experienced, a Singapore that is so different from now. Nominations: Best Film, Best Direction, Best Editing and Best Documentary.

Ah Gong Garden

Description - Ziyu, a 25-year-old undergraduate, attempts to dig deeper into the roots of her ah gong’s horticulture business that not only stood the test of time but is also responsible for shaping the iconic green landscapes of Singapore that we know today. Nominations: Best Editing and Best Documentary.

Mum's Last Day at Work: MingEn Seafood

Description - In Singapore, a Tze Char stall can be found in almost every coffee shop, in almost every heartland estate. But for most Singaporeans, eating Tze Char is a daily affair that serves a convenient purpose. However, with the older generation moving into retirement, less and less of the younger generation are keen to pick up and pursue the hawker trade. Nominations: Best Documentary.