Winning Films – Student Category

Best Films :

My Homeland: A Photography Project by Grandpa Chen

Description - Max Chen returns to Singapore , on a quest to capture one last photo for Grandpa Chen’s final photography project, “My Homeland”. Director - Jastine Tan Nominations: Best Film , Best Direction , Best Cinematography , Best Screenplay , Best Editing , Best Sound Design , Best Art Direction and Favourite Actor .

Best Cinematography :

村 Kampong

Description - Pin pin tells a day of her life in the kampong. One of the many that will soon remain only as a memory. Director - Nathalie Au Nominations: Best Cinematography .

Best Direction :


Description - Hong Zhen is a single father, who works multiple jobs and as a 'Karang Guni' to make ends meet. Unknown to him, his daughter, Jia Xin, is constantly bullied for being a Karang Guni's daughter and having second-hand belongings. Director - Effie Poh Nominations: Best Screenplay , Best Editing , Best Art Direction and Favourite Actress .

Best Editing :

Ah Gong Garden

Description - Ziyu, a 25-year-old undergraduate, attempts to dig deeper into the roots of her ah gong’s horticulture business that not only stood the test of time but is also responsible for shaping the iconic green landscapes of Singapore that we know today. Director - Al-Azmir Bin Ibrahim Nominations: Best Editing .

Best Screenplay :

Built To Last

Description - In the past Dave and Caleb, two brothers, have always spent time together playing Legos. As years passed, Dave grew out of it. Caleb craves for his older brother’s attention. One day, he went too far. Until Dave realised the truth. Director - Haziq Adam De Silva Nominations: Best Cinematography and Favourite Actor .

Best Sound Design :

Pulau Ujong

Description - A short documentary exploring the spatial and architectural transformation of an island via it's historical footprints, from Pulau Ujong to Singapore. Director - Xu Ruiyang Nominations: Best Direction , Best Cinematography and Best Sound Design .

Best Art Direction :


Description - chope - a comedic Singaporean love story. It aims to show that doing things the Singaporean way, as opposed to trying to emulate someone else, has been and always will be the best way to do things. Director - Natalie Yong Enxin and Cedric Ng Wei Shen Nominations: Best Art Direction and Favourite Actress .