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Victoria Chen – Jia Xin from Broken

Submitted by Rachel Lai Hong Zhen is a single father, who works multiple jobs and as a 'Karang Guni' to make ends meet. Unknown to him, his daughter, Jia Xin, is constantly bullied for being a Karang Guni's daughter and having second-hand belongings. Nominations: Favourite Actress.

Markandoo R Devi – Mother from Bygones

Submitted by Tay Li Guo An Indian mother gets in the way of her daughter's relationship with a Chinese boy. Nominations: Favourite Actress.

Valerie Tan – Eunice from Chope

Submitted by Natalie Yong chope - a comedic Singaporean love story. It aims to show that doing things the Singaporean way, as opposed to trying to emulate someone else, has been and always will be the best way to do things. Nominations: Favourite Actress.

Jasbir Kaur Yogi – Maaji from Come Here

Submitted by GurJeevaan Singh BalRose Arjun, a eleven year old boy who is getting his hair washed by his grandmother (Maaji) for the very first time because he has difficulty commentating Punjabi with her. Nominations: Favourite Actor and Favourite Actress.

Cheryl Susan Varghese – Trisha from Roti Mama

Submitted by A Dipthi Trisha, lives with her widowed father, Sathya. The death of her mother has brought their relationship to a standstill. Will Trisha be able to mend the stagnant relationship with her father? Nominations: Favourite Actress.

Jaccy Chan – Auntie from Hello Auntie

Submitted by Calvin Soon Hello, Auntie is a story about a Normal Technical student which many refers as rotten apple just like his typical neighbor Auntie Jaccy. On this particular day, the student did something that somewhat changes his neighbor perspective about NT student Nominations: Favourite Actress.

Marleen Toh – Young Mei from Rojak

Submitted by Rebecca Jane Chu Set in the wake of the government's implementation of the Ethnic Integration Policy in HDB estates, "Rojak" is the story of two children from different cultural backgrounds who share a love for a certain eclectic hawker dish. Nominations: Favourite Film, Favourite Actor, and Favourite Actress.

Grace Chong – Mother from A Portrait of Mum

Submitted by Jeth Heng A portrait is a simple still image, but there are stories behind each one that most of us do not get to see. A portrait of mum looks at the relationship between a mother and daughter, the tensions that are born out of love, kinship and aspiration. Nominations: Favourite Actress.

Rachel Chin – Daughter from Chilli Padi

Submitted by Lou Mei Jun A Daughter and her Fiancé deliberates over breaking the news of their intention to move out, to her Mother. Nominations: Favourite Actress.

Ng Jing Jing – Grandma from From You To Me

Submitted by Chew Kay Ching Edmund An elderly lady wants to learn photography from her granddaughter who is a photographer. She hopes that through photography, she gets to capture the essence of the good old days with her husband at Singapore historical places. Nominations: Favourite Actress.