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Echoes of 1965

Submitted by Wong Jia Xin Brigitte In 1965, Singapore separated from Malaysia. Not knowing what the future holds, the people had to figure out how to work past their hardships. They reminisced about a Singapore we have never experienced, a Singapore that is so different from now. Nominations: Favourite Film.

My Homeland: A Photography Project by Grandpa Chen

Submitted by Jastine Tan Max Chen returns to Singapore , on a quest to capture one last photo for Grandpa Chen’s final photography project, “My Homeland”. Nominations: Favourite Film and Favourite Actor.


Submitted by Vanessa Erika Shepherdson This film is about a characters love of sport which brings forth his strength for Singapore, highlighting the similar values between Rugby and The Singapore Armed Forces (SAF). Nominations: Favourite Film and Favourite Actor.


Submitted by Rebecca Jane Chu Set in the wake of the government's implementation of the Ethnic Integration Policy in HDB estates, "Rojak" is the story of two children from different cultural backgrounds who share a love for a certain eclectic hawker dish. Nominations: Favourite Film, Favourite Actor and Favourite Actress.


Submitted by Lan Yu A slice of life piece that observes this society through a day in life of a driver. The driver, Ah Hock, is representative of a generation in Singapore who works mainly for survival, and to provide a better living for their family. Nominations: Favourite Film.

Heng’s Popiah

Submitted by Sabrina Poon A retiring hawker contemplates on passing on his family recipe to a keen young neighbour, in hope of the next generation to continue the legacy. Nominations: Favourite Film and Favourite Actor.

From You To Me

Submitted by Chew Kay Ching Edmund An elderly lady wants to learn photography from her granddaughter who is a photographer. She hopes that through photography, she gets to capture the essence of the good old days with her husband at Singapore historical places. Nominations: Favourite Film and Favourite Actress.